Oku-no-kami – Junmai “Nakatori”

Oku-no-kami – Junmai “Nakatori”


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A distinct pineapple aroma with a rich, ripe pineapple flavour and an intense savoury edge. Fresh and vibrant with a long finish, it goes well with rich foods and spices.



  • International Wine Challenge 2020 – Gold



  • Rice: Hattan-nishiki (Hiroshima grown)
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: Rice 55%
  • Yeast: 1601
  • SMV: no need to put on the technical sheet.
  • Acidity: –no need to put on the technical sheet.
  • Serving Temperature: Cold (10-15℃)

Food Pairing 

  • Spice, Cream, Butter
  • Paella, Carbonara, Kofta


Name Oku-no-kami – Junmai “Nakatori”
Brewery Toshimaya Sake Brewery
Brand Oku-no-kami
Classification Junmai
Region Tokyo, Japan
Ingredient Rice, Rice koji, Water, Yeast
ABV 16%
Standard Drinks (approx.) 9.2
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