Daimon 55 – Junmai Ginjo 720ml

Daimon 55 – Junmai Ginjo 720ml


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With a higher milling rate, this sake is flavorful and bolder relative to others in the Daimon series. However, it stays true to the premium quality of this series with its mild bouquet and refreshing finish. Smooth with a light Kansai Umami note – very complementary food.

Tasting Notes

Light buckwheat bouquet

Light minerality (due to mountain water used) Strong Crisp start, hints of honeydew melon, liquorish taste. Easy on the palate

Steamed Foods Sashimi / Raw Foods Antipastos / Cold Finger Foods Grilled Meats / Fish Vegetables and salads Baked Goods

Recommend glass: White Wine Glass

Technical Data:

– Rice: Hyogo Yamada Nishiki (山田錦)

– Milling Rate: 55%

– Acidity: 1.8

– Alcohol Content: 16%

– Sake Meter Value: 0

– Area: Osaka (大阪府)

Sake classification: Aromatic

Drinking Temperature: 13°C

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