Rikyubai – Hanzaemon – Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

Rikyubai – Hanzaemon – Junmai Daiginjo 720ml


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Named in honor of the Daimon Brewery’s founder – the ancestor of the master brewer in 1826. Hanzaemon is the finest of the Rikyubai Series. With complex notes of umami, a sake to be enjoyed on its own or paired with food.

Tasting Notes:

Herb-like, vegetal nose. Sweet palate with hints of mangosteen and persimmon with an elegant finish.

Food pairings:
Aperitif/Canapé/Small Bites/Sashimi/Raw Foods Smoked Foods

Technical Data:

– Rice: Hyogo Yamada Nishiki (山田錦)

– Milling Rate: 50%

– Acidity: 1.8

– Alcohol Content: 16%

– Sake Meter Value: -10

– Area: Osaka (大阪府)

Sake classification: Aromatic

Dryness: Sweet

Drinking Temperature: 13°C

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