Rairaku-Junmai-Ginjo 720ml

Rairaku-Junmai-Ginjo 720ml


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Brand Rairaku
Brewery Ibaraki Shuzo Sake Brewery
Tasting Notes Yamadanishiki is used for the koji rice for powerful fermentation, while Gohyakumangoku is used in the fermenting process in order to express a tighter fl avour. By using the different characteristics of the sake rice, the result is a sake with a clean impression. Junmai Ginjo with a gentle aroma and well-balanced acidity and sweetness.
County of Origin Japan
Region Hyogo, Japan
Classifi cation Junmai Ginjo
Alcohol 15%
Sake Meter Value +3
Rice Yamadanishiki 20%, Gohyaklumangoku 80%
Yeast Flower yeast AB, No.901
Rice-polishing ratio 58%

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