Yuzumaru Yuzu Juice 500ml

Yuzumaru Yuzu Juice 500ml


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Brand Yuzumaru
Brewery Tubosaka Sake Brewery
About Yuzu Maru is based on the brewery’s sake and is made from carefully selected natural local yuzu juice and JAS-certifi ed organic yuzu extract. No artifi cial fl avourings or colourings are used in order to make the most of the natural blessings of yuzu, which has a distinctive aroma that the Japanese like.
Tasting Notes The natural yuzu aroma is very refreshing, and the mildness and drinking comfort are different from those of distilled liquor.
County of Origin Japan
Ingredients Sake, Yuzu Juice, Agave Extract
Region Himeji City, Hyogo
Alcohol 14%
Best Served Enjoy it straight, chilled, on the rocks with ice, with soda for a refreshing taste or with hot water.

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