Rairaku-Junmai 1800ml

Rairaku-Junmai 1800ml


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Brand Rairaku
Brewery Ibaraki Shuzo Sake Brewery
Tasting Notes Compared to modern yeasts, Association No. 7 is characterised by a higher acidity level and a more powerful sake. The acidity support comes alive when the rice used is dissolved through fermentation to produce a sake with extract and fl avour. The refreshing and crisp acidity and the umami taste of rice spread on the mouth, with a mild lingering aftertaste that lasts for a long time. Also suitable for warming sake.
County of Origin Japan
Region Hyogo, Japan
Classifi cation Junmai
Alcohol 15%

Sake Meter Value +4
Rice Japanese Rice

Yeast No. 701
Rice-polishing ratio 65%

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