Mitoro No Mi – Umeshu 500ml

Mitoro No Mi – Umeshu 500ml


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Brand Mitoro No Mi
Okada Honke Sake Brewery is a wellknown and historical sake brewery located in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
Okada Honke Sake Brewery has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1747. The brewery has been operated by the Okada family for many generations, and it is considered one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan. This long history refl ects the traditional methods and craftsmanship that the brewery has maintained over the years.
Like many traditional sake breweries, Okada Honke focuses on producing sake using time-honored techniques. They often prioritize using local ingredients and pristine water sources to create their sake. The specifi c production methods, types of rice used, and other techniques contribute to the unique fl avors and qualities of their sake products.
Brewery Okada Honke Sake Brewery
About This Umeshu is made from plums from Mitoro Farm in Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture, and sake from the same cuty, Okada Honke.
The visual is designed to evoke the natural earth of the Mitoro orchard, with the numbers +34.810250, +134.901583 representing the latitude and longitude of Mitoro.
The gouging effect is reduced in the form of soaked whole plums that have been frozen once. It also contains less icing sugar than normal umeshu, so it has a
refi ned sweetness. Tasting Notes
It is a mild plum wine with no spikes. It is a must-try for plum wine lovers!
County of Origin Japan
Ingredients Sake, Plum, Sugar
Region Kakogawa, Hyogo
Alcohol 12%

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